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Why You Should Be Growing Microgreens

Healthier and fresher greens. Tired of your produce expiring after only a few days? Trying to eat healthier? Growing your own microgreens is the answer.
Combat food waste. We throw away an average of 6.2 cups worth of food per week due to spoilage and leftovers. Why? Improper storage and shelf-time of grocery store produce is the culprit.
Are you eating enough greens? With the amount of time most produce has to travel to reach its destination most of the key nutrients may have been lost. This means you have then eat a truckload more to make up the gap in health requirments for your body.

Let Us Be Your Microgreens Guide

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Learn everything about the subject of microgreens from health benefits to what equipment you need to be successful. We regular post new articles and supporting content to help you along your journey.
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Ready for the next step? Jump into the next phase of growing microgreens with our helpful how-to guides where you’ll learn about everything from the setup and even step-by-step growing instructionsfor individual microgreen crops.
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Looking to monetize your passion? Discover the tips and requirements for setting up a productive microgreens business. Learn about the core components like packaging, compliance, marketing and pricing your greens.

Frequenty Asked Questions

  1. What's the catch?
  2. No catch, really. Our goal as a brand is to help expand the microgreens market and be a leader in helping create growing enthusiasts like yourself. Of the services and products we mention there may be instances where may receive financial compensation for referring business to them. Rest assured we only support companies that can provide value to you in your growing journey.
  3. Is it easy to grow microgreens?
  4. With the right process, absolutely! It only takes a few pieces of basic equipment, a clean, well-ventilated area and some basic steps to successfully grow a number of microgreen varieties.
  5. Can I grow microgreens at home?
  6. Yes, definitely! You can make the process as simple or advanced as you want, as long as you satisfy the three basic requiements: 1. Light: Proper lighting which can even be a sunny window in your home. 2. Airflow: Good airflow with a small circulating fan at various points throughout the growing process. 3. Water: Lastly, 1 to 2 cups of filtered water per day is all your crop needs to reach its microgreen stage.
  7. Is it expensive to get started growing microgreens?
  8. Not at all. You can get started for less than $20 and access to a sunny window in your home. If you choose to increase your output, eventually the equipment requirements will eventually need to grow to support the larger operation.
  9. Can I make money selling micorgreens?
  10. Yeah, absolutely. Selling anything requires a well-thought out plan for marketing, packaging and pricing to be competitive in your area. We cover all this in our "Microgreens Business" section.